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Name:Agent Mulder
Birthdate:Oct 19
Location:United States of America
Strange monkeys take over my brain at random moments. I tend to be wild, woolly, and full of fleas at any given time.

I write fanfiction, I read it, I leave feedback when I like it.

I own a couple communities:

[community profile] multi_fiction - A multiple fandom, multiple genre, fanfiction community with no limits on pairings or lack there of. We welcome any kind of fic and kinks, but there are legal limits we must follow.

[community profile] t_31_bang - A mini-Big Bang with a thirty-one day time limit. 5000 words written in 20 days. You submit a prompt, then pick a prompt, write a fic of at least 5000 words for it, then post it on the last day.

[community profile] 6_of_dylandog: A six degrees of Dylan Dog: Dead of Night fanfiction and fanart community. Fanfiction and Fanart for characters the actors of DD:DoN portray. RPF is also welcome.
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